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Chanhassen High School

Chanhassen H.S. Boy’s Soccer

I’d like to introduce Jon Frank, President of Impact Fundraising. Jon contacted our Chanhassen H.S. Boy’s Soccer Team last summer concerning a fundraising event. He explained there was a real opportunity to make significant dollars for our Program. We were skeptical but agreed to meet with him to go over his offering.

I’d say that was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! Jon puts together a custom ‘Fundraising Card’ that’s centric to your local area businesses – places like McDonalds, Perkins, Subway, Dairy Queen, Arby’s and Kwik Trip. Every business on the card has ‘unlimited use’ for a year! And some are good for any location across the Twin Cities.

I’ve done two fundraisers with Impact: Chan Boy’s Soccer (60 participants) and my son’s Bloomington U18 Summer Club Soccer Team (24 participants). Both were a huge success raising $9,100 and $5,400 respectively!

This a a highly organized, well thought out Fundraising Program. Jon has been in business for over 17 years and his track record speaks for itself helping over 2,000 organizations. Please feel free to personally contact me if you have any questions.
- Dan Allen Chanhassen H.S. Parent Board


More Success Stories

Edinbrook Church

Our youth ministry has partnered with Jon Frank and Impact Fundraising since 2003. As a result of this partnership, over the years our students have raised a total of almost $100,00 - which includes just over $17,000 last year. This is amazing! Every penny raised by our students goes directly into their student accounts and can be used to fund any activity or event we do. Our students have used this money to fund mission trips, conferences, retreats, and fun activities. Selling coupon cards is work. However, it is fun and rewarding. It accomplishes exactly what we want it to for the benefit of our students and their families.

- Mark Thurston, Director of Student Ministries Edinbrook Church

Boy Scout Troop 374

“We have worked together consistently for the last five years. We have averaged a profit of $6,000 each year for our group of approximately thirty boys. This year we hit a record high of over $7,000! This makes a big difference for our troop, and especially for some of our kids that would find scouting to be a financial hardship without opportunities such as this. I have found you and your employees to be very professional and fun to work with. The scouts have enjoyed the camaraderie of the Blitz selling events and the friendly competition of the ‘cash grab bonanza’ incentive. We look forward to continuing our relationship again next year!”

- Becky Rodier, Treasurer Boy Scout Troop 374

Buffalo Boys Lacrosse Team

“On behalf of the Buffalo Boys Lacrosse Team, the Booster Board would like to take this opportunity to write about our experience with our Fundraising Specialist, Alex Gorsky. From the start, Alex was timely, highly communicative, positive, friendly, and very well versed with the Impact Fundraiser operations. We all, board members, coaches, players, and parents, had a very successful and highly lucrative experience while working alongside Alex raising around $8,000.

We would like to send a big THANK YOU to Alex for making it fun and, dare we say, easy!”

- Buffalo Boys Lacrosse Booster Board

Eden Prairie High School Nordic Team

“I am head coach for the Eden Prairie High School Nordic team. I was approached by Dan Allen of Impact Fundraising (a local company) last year on a fun and easy fundraiser for our team.

The concept was to sell a discount card that can be used unlimited times for 1 (one) year. The participating businesses were from local vendors in our Eden Prairie School District. The fundraiser had No commitment, No Minimums & No upfront costs.

Most of our sales were accomplished on what is called a Blitz day. We met at the High School at 9 AM to get organized and then the kids went out in groups with assigned territory maps (their selling area) from 10 AM to 2 PM. We then met back at the school for a Pizza Party and the awarding of prizes. Much to our amazement we raised over $16,500!

Impact Fundraising was very involved and took care of getting everything organized. My main focus was to get the kids to attend the event (we did it in lieu of a practice) and have some of the parents to help out during the Blitz.

Perhaps the strongest recommendation I can give is that EP Nordic will be participating in this fundraiser again this coming season. We are looking forward to another successful fundraising year for our team. ”

- Doug Boonstra, Eden Prairie High School

Hopkins Ultimate Recreational (Frisbee) Team

“This email letter is on behalf of the Hopkins Ultimate Recreational (Frisbee) Team Known as (HURT), we are a co-ed club sport of approximately 90 students at Hopkins High school this year. I am the parent in charge of fundraising at the last season ending banquet. In the past, we had been doing the following to raise money; working a hotdog wagon at Cub Foods, car washes, selling chocolate door to door & jewelry online. Each event raised a few hundred dollars for our program. I heard about Impact Fundraising at our fall registration meeting & checked them out.

I want to share with other high school sports teams how terrific our experience was working with Impact Fundraising. We worked (2) Sunday blitzes on Jon’s recommendation because I wanted HURT to raise as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time. We blitzed in November 2013. Despite the cold, wind & early sunset, we raised $12,950 including tips & after expenses in about 10 hours of door to door soliciting. This far exceeded my expectations! It was amazing even though not every student participated. Everyone associated with this effort was overjoyed with the result.

I wholeheartedly recommend your team / organization work with Impact Fundraising. Jon has been running this business for about 15 years. He has created multiple ways to incentivize both student door knockers & parent drivers to keep everyone motivated. Jon knows how much money an organization will raise based on the number of door knockers; parent drivers & the number of hours worked. It was hard to believe, but Jon was on target. Parents who complained about giving 6 hours of their time to this fundraiser were happily ‘eating crow’ afterward.

We look forward to working with Impact Fundraising next school year! ”

- Stephen Elias - Fundraising Chairperson 2013-2014 school year

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